Online Slots Based on Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt. What a fascinating period in history. Pyramids, curious gods, pharaohs and wealth. And mummies! Let\’s not forget the mummies. Ancient Egypt has always fascinated and intrigued. And the period has certainly had enough attention in the world of online slots. Ancient Egypt has to be among the most […]

Slots based on TV shows

Popular culture is intertwined on a lot of levels. Different art forms often reference others. Books turn into movies, movies turn into video games, video games turn into TV shows etc. Pop culture often begs, steals and it borrows. That’s why it’s easy to make references to other songs, movies […]

Online slots based on movies

After linking movies and slots in our article about casino slots sequels, we have built on that idea for this article. In the following we will present some popular online slots directly based, or inspired, by famous movies. There has been a lot of good, and also a lot of […]

Slot Sequels

Wildz Casino is no movie site, but we still see some similarities between films and casino games. If you’re a fan of both, or either, we suggest you read on to learn more about popular online slots that have spurned one or more sequels. There is sort of a general […]

Wildz Casino: Powered by Rootz

28 May 2019 When the developers of Wildz Casino were thinking of their brand, site speed and functionality were two of the biggest concerns. When it came time to start building the product, the development crew soon realised that to do this project correctly they would have to build their […]