Looking Back on the Last Year

Wildz Casino is now over one year strong, so it feels the right time to give you all a summary of the many great things that have been happening here since we last touched in. 100M Free Spins and Counting.. Since Wildz Casino launched in July last year, a key […]

Daily Must Drop Jackpots

For many casino players, the allure of online slots is winning big – life-changing-jackpot-big. Jackpot slots such as Mega Moolah offer up wins ranging as high as eight figures, which naturally attracts a ton of players. But the competition in the most popular online slots is also high, and it […]

Popular online slot providers

In the following article, we will look closer at some popular slot providers and some of their biggest and most popular games. The world of online slots is huge, and we won’t be able to cover every single slot provider in this article. Still, we feel that this is a […]

Online slots with Cascading Symbols

If you like playing casino games, chances are you’ve heard the phrase «Cascading Symbols». It is a popular game mechanism found in plenty of the most popular online slots. This mechanism is often referred to as Avalanche. Instead of spinning on reels, the most common slot mechanism, cascading symbols will […]

Online Slots with Sticky Wilds

As online slots evolve, so does the bonus features that come with them. Casino games have come a long way from the early days of a Scatter and maybe a Wild symbol. These days there seems to be a new bonus feature for every slot released. And especially the Wild […]

Jackpot slots at Wildz Casino

There’s plenty of different reasons for playing online slots. It’s an entertaining pastime activity. A lot of modern online slots plays almost just like video games. The design and gameplay alone can be a reason to play certain games. But the main reason for playing online slots, for most players […]

Online Viking Slots

Norse mythology represents a particularly interesting part of human history. It is full of supernatural beings and superstitious beliefs. Look no further than one of the most popular movie franchises of modern times: The Avengers and the Marvel universe. Two central characters are Thor and Loki. Thor is not a […]

Online Slots Based on Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt. What a fascinating period in history. Pyramids, curious gods, pharaohs and wealth. And mummies! Let\’s not forget the mummies. Ancient Egypt has always fascinated and intrigued. And the period has certainly had enough attention in the world of online slots. Ancient Egypt has to be among the most […]

Slots based on TV shows

Popular culture is intertwined on a lot of levels. Different art forms often reference others. Books turn into movies, movies turn into video games, video games turn into TV shows etc. Pop culture often begs, steals and it borrows. That’s why it’s easy to make references to other songs, movies […]

Online slots based on movies

After linking movies and slots in our article about casino slots sequels, we have built on that idea for this article. In the following we will present some popular online slots directly based, or inspired, by famous movies. There has been a lot of good, and also a lot of […]