Wildz Casino: Powered by Rootz

28 May 2019

When the developers of Wildz Casino were thinking of their brand, their two biggest concerns were site speed and functionality. When it came time to start building the product, the development crew soon realised something: that to do this project correctly they would have to build their very own platform.

This meant that an already very big project became even larger. This ambitious project ended up taking close to 18 months to finish, but the result made it worth it. There are a lot of iGaming platforms out there, but none as innovative and forward-thinking as this one.

The new platform is aptly named Rootz and will serve as the foundation for Wildz and any future online gaming products. The new platform is developed by industry experts in all major iGaming areas - tech, payments, content, fraud protection, and VIP support. This ensures that you will find the highest quality in every single aspect at Wildz Casino. Rootz is the backend that delivers this unique online casino experience.

The customers will notice how fast and responsive the Wildz site will be, but the real magic is happening behind the scenes. The Rootz backend is constantly analysing player preferences to configure the very best bonuses and rewards.

Wildz not only strives to give out the most free spins in real-time, but they will give free spins to games that the individual player actually likes. This is possible by analysing which games the players have shown that they like during previous visits to the casino.

Unfortunately, you will still have to wait until this summer to sign up as Wildz. This is because the site is still in the late developmental phase which will soon be ready for testing.

When Wildz does go live, rest assured that Wildzcasino.com will be one of the first to know and publish that information. Stay tuned!

Wildz Casino set to open this summer

28 May 2019

Wildz Casino, the first gaming brand built on the Rootz platform, is scheduled to open in the summer of 2019. Wildz promises to disrupt the iGaming industry with a real-time rewards system, personalised game space for each player, adaptive technologies that respond to a player’s behaviour, and many other additional bells and whistles.

Starting with their real-time rewards system, Wildz considers a player's previous preferences - notably games they have played in the past and average wager amounts - and configures the perfect free spin rewards based on these preferences.

On rare occasions, Wildz will give out free spins to a game that is part of a promotion, but most of the rewards are catered to what the player actually likes. This ensures the most custom-tailored casino experience ever seen.

Recently licensed in Malta, Rootz is currently putting the finishing touches on this new online casino, Wildz.com. In the coming weeks, Wildz will start beta testing where volunteers can try to convert their test bonus money into real cash.

The very best testers, the ones providing the most valuable feedback, also have the chance to win €500 in addition to any bonus funds they are able to convert to real money.

Stay tuned at Wildzcasino.com for the latest details on the opening of the brand new Wildz Casino and all other developments.